About Us

In March of 1986, several years after graduating from the Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Zeke Zekoff and his wife, Barbara, founded Towne Square Animal Clinic. Despite being from the South, and their original intention to move back after several years, the Zekoff family became ingrained in the greater Cincinnati area. Since then, Towne Square Animal Clinic (TSAC) has grown to become one of the most respected veterinary practices in the area.

Dr. Zekoff’s philosophy of medicine focuses on a family health care team approach. The old saying that ‘We treat each pet as if they were our own!’ is not just a cliché statement here. By combining modern veterinary medical techniques, constant advancements in medical education and equipment, and a personal approach in communications and patient care, Dr. Zekoff and his team are an integral part of an animal health partnership for every patient. Each family is unique and TSAC functions in a style that does not represent the cookie cutter mentality that has taken over the human medical system. For many, pets are like children and
that special bond is supported by providing the best
possible veterinary care.

If your family’s pets are a part of the Towne Square
Animal Clinic family, thank you! We strive to
strengthen the bond between you and your pet
and to ensure a quality of life that continues
throughout their lives. Feel free to contact us at
any time concerning your pet’s medical care and
together, we can help your pet to live a healthy
and full life.

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